What does a three-pound brain have to do with one’s sex life? A lot, actually.

Breakthroughs in the burgeoning field of neuroscience explain the impact having sex has on the developing brains of adolescents and young adults. Through the mounds of scientific data this book simply demonstrates that:Sexual activity releases chemicals in the brain, creating emotional bonds between partners.

Breaking these bonds can cause depression and make it harder to bond with someone else in the future.
Chemicals released in the brain during sex can become addictive.

The human brain is not fully developed until a person reaches their mid-20s. Until then, it is harder to make wise relationship decisions. Parents and others who care about young people now have the facts to steer them away from making life-changing mistakes, and lead them toward reaching their full potential.

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About the Authors:

Joe S. McIlhaney is an obstetrician-gynecologist and the Founder/Chairman of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health. Previously he practiced medicine in Austin, Texas, and served on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and on The Advisory Committee to the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He lives in Austin with his wife of forty-seven years.

Freda McKissic Bush, MD, has been a board certified Ob-Gyn in Jackson, Mississippi for over 21 years. Currently, she is in private practice and also serves on the clinical faculty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in the Departments of Ob-Gyn and Family Practice. Dr. Bush serves on the board of The Medical Institute and is on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of seven.